Fun therapy – Worksheets

Hello everyone!  Today I want to share with you how we combine fun and learning. Initially when we started doing activities at home, it was typical beads, pegs and flash cards. They helped a lot but as my son grew up he wanted to do something different. That started the search for activities which are both fun and help in learning. I want to share all my  treasure chest of ideas with you all, ideas which are the result of hours of hard work so that any parent  looking for them will not have to go through the same grind. Watch out for the posts titled  fun therapy! As many kids on the autism spectrum are visual learners, work  sheets are of immense help. I found a website which has numerous worksheets under different topics ranging from counting fun, colour matching, to fun with patterns, handwriting worksheets,  heavier/lighter, tallest/shortest, thicker/thinner, etc,.
    My personal favourite among them is decode and encode worksheets. They are an amazing collection of excercises that work on improving the cognitive abilities. I have copied and pasted a sample worksheet from this category.
You can check out the entire range of worksheets on their website given below:
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