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Through this post I want to share with you my experience with Mouse Trial, which is a website with collection of fun filled exercises  for vocabulary, concentration, cooperation and literacy. In each game, there is a voice prompting you for a answer, the right one is reinforced with funny animations and if you select a wrong answer, the right answer is flashed on the screen giving a visual cue. The best thing about these exercises, is the free goes to try out the games! You can also download the games as  there are free trials with that also. If you want unlimited trials, you can buy the license key for domestic/home use for one time payment of $29, or there is also an android version of these games for INR 377.61. There is also a lite version of mouse trial free for android. And lastly, the website also has some free printable resources like worksheets.

There are eight different modules as follows:

1. Around the house – has six different games for household items in different items in the all parts of the            house like bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,etc.

2. Animals – has nine sub modules for different categories of animal like pets, farm, aquatic, zoo                        animals,small and crawling animals. There is also a game for picking the right animal by the                          sound it makes.

3. Letters – has eight sub modules where you can identify the letter by its name or its sound or to pick the            object starting with the given letter.

4. Size, shape and colour – has many games with size, shape and colour variations to test your child’s skills,        light and dark colours and different big and small versions of many shapes.

5. Body and clothes – has games about different parts of the body and garments for them.6. Food – has four exercises for different categories of food like sweet food, savoury foods and fruits and        vegetables. Don’t forget to try the all together game for greater fun!

7. Numbers – has different games for number recognition, counting and dice games.

8. Feature, Function and category – This is my son’s favourite module where you have to pick the items not      by its name but by its their category, function or or its prominent feature. You can play them separately or play them all together to increase the challenge!The following link will take you to this website. Do check it out!

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