Fun Therapy – Fun with Shapes and Colours

This is another good product from the stables of creative educational aids. We loved playing this game for many days and the interesting thing about his game its never boring and good to go for many hours of educational fun. The game helps to improve:

–  Knowledge of geometric shapes
–  Colour recognition
– Combining booth shapes and colours
– Visual skills
– Fine motor skills
– Thinking skills
– Concept of game, wherein you learn to throw the dice and play accordingly

The game comes in a cardboard box with cards having drawings like train, elephant, etc. Then there are foam pieces of shapes like rectangle, square, triangle, circle in various colours like red, green, yellow,etc. There are missing pieces in the drawings and the child has to fill them up. First he has to throw the dices, one for shapes and another for colour. For example, if the dices show triangle and red, the child has to fill up the missing triangle in the drawing with a red triangle.

Playing with two dices may be overwhelming initially. So we started with only one dice of colours as it was his strong point. He would roll the dice and whatever colour came, he had o fill up the pieces in the drawings with that colour in various shapes. Gradually we started using both dices. Start with whatever level your child is comfortable with and watch him learn many skills through this game!
Creatives Fun With Shapes & Colours

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