Helpful Book – Emergence: Labeled Autistic

The book,  ‘Emergence: Labeled Autistic’ by Temple Grandin, easily the most famous person with autism. I read this book a year after my son was diagnosed as having mild autism. That was the toughest phase as I was trying to cope with the diagnosis, seeing our son lost in his own world with no eye contact and trying desperately to understand how best to get him to interact. Most of our attempts to get him to atleast look at us were utter failures and though I hate to admit, every time dealt a death blow to our confidence levels! That was when I read this book. It literally opened my eyes and gave an insight into the world of a person with autism, the way their mind works, how different and difficult their sensory experiences are and mostly hope that we may be able to help our son! I really liked the way Temple’s mother literally fought with the world to help her child from been sent to an institution and lent her support throughout the difficult phases.

This book gave me an incredible idea that maybe our son was also a visual learner like her. So we changed our approach and slowly but steadily got him to interact. We will always be indebted to Temple Grandin for writing this book!

If you are a parent of a child with autism, a family member or a professional working with these children, this book provides an invaluable insight into the world of autism.

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