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When it was time to teach my son dressing skills, we wanted to try something else than the button boards. Our search led us to this cute monkey called Alex. Alex  is 22 inches long and can help in learning eleven dressing skills like buttons, zip, velcro, laces, etc. Alex is a soft toy designed specifically to teach dressing skills to children. An excellent way to practice the fine motor skills. The toy is bright coloured and very durable. We have this for the past three years. Its easily washable.

The first skill we taught was taking off the clothes of the doll. My son was quick to learn this!But when it came to putting the clothes back on the doll, it took us a few months to learn. Now he ok with dressing and undressing the doll, zip, velcro, large buttons and snap buttons. Before using this doll, he had trouble wearing his trousers and used to put both his feet in the same trouser leg. But learning to dress Alex, he mastered the skill!

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