Fun Therapy – Puppets

Well who doesn’t love puppets! Initially, we tried glove puppets, but due to his fine motor problems, my son got frustrated easily and refused to play. After a few years passed, we thought why not try a different approach. We got finger puppets and made stories with them, really short ones which lasted for a couple of minutes and it was a big hit! That was our breakthrough in making him shake hands as a way if greeting. Shaking hands to say hello was something my son disliked a lot. We used lots of stories where animals greeted and gradually he was okay with shaking hands to wish someone. Let’s take a peep into the world of puppets

Puppet (finger) family

Puppet (finger) set of animals

Glove puppet of mother and father

Glove puppet of boy and girl

They are lovely, aren’t they? Buy some puppets and together with some books like Panchatantra, introduce your child to a whole new world and join him/her in the fun. They can be used to practice social skills, story telling, language development, imaginative play and many more.

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