Fun Therapy – Observation and Pairing Games

These games encourage development of cognitive skills, visual skills, observation skills, problem solving skills, attention skills and thinking skills.

In Kite Lotto game, the child has to match the kite tiles to the corresponding places on the board. They are sturdy and made of wood. A challenging game as the child has to match the minute differences in the patterns, dots and colours of the kites. It costs INR 145.

Match the balloons is a good game for early learner. This game has 24 coloured balloon counters and a dice with six colours. The child has to match the animal to its corresponding coloured balloon. It costs INR 145.

Puzzle squares has a board and 16 picture cards. There are four pictures both vertically and horizontally and the child has to choose the picture card which has the images of both to place in the corresponding square. A fun challenging game for the child with immense educational  value. It costs INR 125.

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