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This game was our favourite for a long time. The good thing about the game is you can play this many times without getting repetitive and bored. The box has one puzzle board,  forty pieces in different colours – red, blue, green and yellow, five different shapes – circle, square, triangle, hexagon and trapezoid along with one colour dice and one shape dice.

Initially, we started with only colour dice, my son would throw the dice and place the corresponding colour piece of any shape in its slot. Then we added the shapes dice after some time. Now he had to throw both dices and pick up,  say for example, colour is yellow and shape is hexagon piece, search for the appropriate slot and put it there.

The game encourages development of visual skills, thinking skills, fine motor skills, dexterity. You can make it more challenging by using a sand timer and having a race with your child to see who does better. Goes without saying, the child always wins!

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