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Dexteria apps are very famous for developing fine motor skills and are multiple award winners. Let’s start with Dexteria Jr., which are set of hand and finger exercises excellent for developing fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in younger children or children with delayed fine motor skills. The image above is the home page of the app. You have an option to play or remove music according to the child’s auditory sensitivity.There are three activities as follows:

Squish the squash – the child has to tap on the squish to squash it. Gradually as level progresses, you get multiple squishes for a squash and moving squashes.

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Trace and Erase –  has multiple levels of pre- writing  strokes starting from relatively simple ones to more and more difficult ones. The child has to draw these and then erase them.

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Pinch the Pepper – this one is fun and helps develop pincer grip as the child learns to pinch the pepper in increasing levels of difficulty and fun animations.

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The app is a great way to develop fine motor skills as well as visual skills and eye hand coordination in young children. The app costs $ 2.99. To watch demo :

Dexteria is the flagship app of Binary Labs and is basically a set of exercises to develop fine motor skills with a element of fun. The are not games but therapeutic exercises! Developed by occupational therapists, the app is a wonderful way to develop fine motor skills, finger strength, control and dexterity, as well as eye hand coordination, handwriting readiness and visual skills in children as well as adults.

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This is the home page of the app and has three activities to choose from as follows:

Write it –  has alphabets in both upper case and lower case as well as numbers for the child to practice tracing them. There is a narrow margin for tracing and guidance to write a letter with arrows pointing the way. Very good.

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Pinch It – has multiple levels of play with crabs, which are small and moving. A great and fun way to work on pinching skills and finger strength.

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Tap It – Really loved this exercise! This has an exact tap sequence to follow for every finger and has many levels of difficulty. The thumb remains the anchor and the child has to tap the lights which correspond to the remaining four fingers. Encourages finger isolation practice, motor timing, visual discrimination skills and dexterity.

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The app costs $3.99 in itunes and $ 9.99 on google play.

To watch demo for this app :

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