Sensory Room – Wikki Stix

                       Eight Inch Wikki Stix Primary Colors (plus black and white) 48 Piece

Looking for a toy that enhances the creative skills in your child, exercises the fine motor skills, provides hours of therapeutic fun and can used again and again, look no further than Wikki Stix! They are made of hard knitting yarn and covered with food grade non toxic wax, similar to the ones used in bubble gum. They are free from latex, gluten or any other allergic compound and are totally safe.

So, how do you play with them? They stick to any smooth surface, bend and are very flexible. No glue, no paste, no mess, Just a little pressure from the finger tips and they will stick/adhere to any smooth surface. Not satisfied with the shape, just peel them off and start over again. As easy as that! They encourage creative, independent play and are ideal for hands-on kinesthetic play.

               You can make alphabets, numbers, shapes, fruits, animals, write your name, flowers and many more creative projects from using Wikki Stix. For more creative ideas, visit this website :

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