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                        SentenceBuilder grammar app

Sentence builder app from Mobile Education Store is the winner of the 2010 IEAR – Language arts app of the year and is one the wonderful collection of speech therapy apps made by them. It costs $ 5.99. This app is designed to help elementary aged children learn to develop grammatically correct sentences. It has 100 distinct pictures to build sentences around and there is an option for correct sentence audio reinforcement. There are a lot of fun animations as reinforcement for correct answer. You have to register the name of the student/child and select a level of play.

iPad Screenshot 1

This is a screenshot of level 1 and you have to make sense of the sentence. The child has to scroll the wheel and make correct choice and then if the answer is not correct there is audio feedback saying ‘you can do better next time’. If the answer is correct, you get animations with good audio and video feedback. There is also an option to skip the sentence.

As you move to higher levels, there are more option to scroll and select the right one.

iPad Screenshot 3

You can watch video of this app on this link :

They have a teen module for Sentence Builder and we are planning to get that one once we complete this.

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