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Ido in Autismland – climbing out of autism’s silent prison is the autibiography of Ido Kedar. Ido is non verbal, stims a lot, has impulsive behaviours, yet beyond all this is a feisty young man, a beautiful soul,  intelligent, who thinks about a myriad of issues and communicates his inner feelings and thoughts through pointing the letterboard or typing.  This book is an answer to everyone who believes that non verbal kids on the autism spectrum are ‘low functioning’.

Ido received 40 hours a week of ABA in his early childhood and he very categorically states that they never saw his intelligence and his boredom of made to do the same drills over and over again. Then Ido learned Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) from Soma Mukopadhyay and this changed his life. He found a way to voice his thoughts, feelings and showed the world that though he is non verbal, he is intelligent and has the capacity to study grade level syllabus. Thanks to the continued effort of his parents, he went to a regular school.

I particularly loved his thoughts on ‘hand apraxia’ when your hands don’t move in accordance with your thoughts. For instance, Ido knew the answer for many questions, but when asked to point to the right answer, his mind gave him the correct answer but his hand refused to obey and choose another. Similarly, Ido shares another experience where his mother asked him to hand her bag and he repeatedly gave her a paper which was near the bag.This can so easily be interpreted as the kid not understanding the language/concept. But how far away is our interpretation from the truth? Ido says it’s so frustrating to have a body which doesn’t follow his mind. This is one common trait we notice in our kids on the spectrum.

This book has many short essays which tell us about Ido’s views, his struggles and also his achievements over the years. Very inspiring! Throughout the book Ido repeatedly stresses on the need to teach every non verbal kid on the spectrum to communicate to bring out hidden potential.

            Ido’s dream is to complete his college education and have a job. I hope and pray that this dream and every dream of Ido’s comes true! If you are an autism parent/caregiver/therapist, reading this book will give you a whole new way to understand your child.

To watch Ido and read his views, visit his blog which has many videos :

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