Fun therapy – Fanta Color Pegboard


Quercetti’s Fanta Color is peg board game. Its the first time I have seen pegs in five different colours –  red, green, yellow, orange and blue in both square and triangular shapes! There are a total of 300 pegs and a sturdy peg board with handle. There is small book of designs to copy too. There are many possible game ideas from this such as :

– identifying colours
– identifying shapes
– colour and shape combinations
– making infinite varieties of patterns
– making designs with the pegs

We are having a great time with this pegs game. This one helps develop fine motor skills, visual skills, thinking skills, eye hand coordination and provides hours of fun filled play time which is highly therapeutic. Join your child in this game and become partners in learning! If possible, get this one from USA, where it costs half the price.

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