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If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will remember games for matching rows and columns to boost thinking skills. This app takes it to the next level. Developed by Goldzone applications, this wonderful app expands your child’s mental abilities by encouraging them to visualize combinations of different colours, shapes, numbers and other characteristics. Playing this app is super fun and develops cognitive skills by improving attention skills, visual skills, thinking skills and problem solving skills.

There are five levels in this app with increasing levels of difficulty. In level 1, the child has to match shape and colours.

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In level 2, its combination of two different colours.

RowCol - Cards Game for Kids - screenshot

In level 3, the level of difficulty increases and combines many features.

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From level 4, you have to skip the bogus cards that don’t match anything and choose only the correct cards. I level 4, there is colour matching similar to level 2 but with bogus cards in between. In level 5, there is counting and shapes.

RowCol - Cards Game for Kids - screenshot

This app is free for now and is available on both itunes and Google play, so download asap.

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