Sensory Room – Weighted Vest

Weighted vest is the latest addition to our sensory room. It is recommended for kids who crave deep pressure. Children with tactile and propioceptive dysfunction are constantly on the move, are restless, have excessive energy and are constantly running, jumping and crashing into objects and people. Wearing a weighted vest promotes self calming, balance and increased body awareness by enhancing propioceptive feedback.

When we first tried the weighted vest on our son, we were worried whether he would be okay wearing it as our kids with autism are notorious for resisting new things! But to our pleasant surprise, he wanted to try it! It has now become an integral part of his sensory diet. We have noticed that after wearing the vest, his hyperactivity is dramatically reduced, his body awareness is better and is more focused and concentrates for longer periods!

Please consult an Occupational Therapist before trying this for your child and always make sure that the weighted vest weighs around 5% to 10% of the child’s body weight.

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