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Webber HearBuilder Auditory Memory is one of the best software we have used so far. Its fun, interesting and I had a great time exploring, learning along with my son. We used the home edition. It has five activities to help children practice essential skills like auditory memory, closure and comprehension skills. The software is  based on the fun theme where children act as Recall agents and help save Memory town from Dr. Forgetsit. A winner of multiple awards, this software gives the parent/teacher an option to choose levels of play for each child – Play all, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. In the Expert level, background noise is added to give children practice listening in noise.

The software targets development of five essential listening skills/missions for your child/recall agent in the form of :

1) Numbers
2) Words
3) Details
4) Closure and
5) WH Info

Memory for numbers has 17 levels targeting a child’s ability to recall 3 to 7 digits in a sequence. It starts of simple with 3 numbers and visual cues ( the number pad is displayed), then moves onto level without visual cues, then remembering the number sequence for 3 to 10 seconds before entering the code on the keypad. The best part is that if you answer the first six questions correctly you get Super Six and proceed to the next level. It worked as a great reinforcement for my son!

Memory for Words has a whooping 84 levels targeting a child’s ability to recall a list of three to five related/unrelated words. Here also you find progressive levels without visual cues/display as in first you hear the sequence of words and then pictures appear and the child has to follow the auditory memory to select the words correctly. The higher levels also have the delay feature where you have to remember the list of words for a period of upto ten seconds before answering the question.

Memory for Details is really good. It has 64 levels targeting a child’s ability to recall upto four details in a sentence with and without visual cues. For instance,

In the above question, the child has to listen to details like select a boy who is wearing a blue shirt, has black hair, is not talking on the phone and is not wearing glasses.  The levels become progressively more difficult.

Auditory Closure has 22 levels and target a child’s ability to complete sentences with low, moderate and high predictability for a word. It helps develop higher order thinking skills as he has to hear, understand the background and use reasoning skills to complete the sentence. For example,

A sentence is played with a word missing or lost in transmission and hence inaudible. The child has to complete the sentence. Starts out simple like peanut butter and —(Jelly), and becomes increasing difficult.

Memory for WH Info is the most challenging one of all missions as it challenges a child’s ability to answer WH questions after listening upto three sentences with multiple details. Here you find secret agents sharing critical information in a plan, which the child has to listen carefully and answer the WH questions (Who/what/where/When) that follow. You can listen to the plan again if needed.

Each mission has a unique theme of games to reinforce your child. If you are worried, whether your child can complete the activities in this software, all I can say is, its a tough and challenging software, but with you on his/her side, your child can definitely do this! Its great fun learning and playing together with your child, isn’t it?

To watch a demo of the software :

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