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Learning Works for Kids is an amazing website very useful for parents of special needs children. They aim to develop the child’s academic performance and cognitive thinking skills through responsible digital learning, be it apps, video games,etc.This online platform informs and instructs parents on how to enrich their kid’s digital play time through their expansive collection of apps, playbooks, video games, etc.

Developed by Dr. Randy Kulman, a child psychologist with three decades of experience, learning works for kids helps parents to identify which thinking skills their child needs help with and prescribes the best games and technology for their child in the form of a Balanced Play Diet. There is an option to search for games based on the skill and learning challenge. But I would recommend to create your child’s personal profile which is completely free. You have fill in basic details about your child and which platforms you want like android/ipad/windows/online, etc. Then you have to answer which challenges your child faces. There are 12 questions for specific areas like flexibility, focus, organization, planning, self awareness, self control, time management, working memory, mathematics, reading, writing and learning challenges. Don’t worry, its a short questionnaire!

Once the child profile information is complete, you get the games and apps recommendations  tailor made to your child’s needs.  It includes a list of Play Now games, Prescriptions to improve specific thinking skills and app suggestions. For each game/app suggestion, there is an overview, how it helps, make it work and alternatives along with related apps/games. Playing together with your child makes their Play Diet  a great Success. Don’t forget to check out their blog.

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