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Developed by Synapse Apps, Processing pow-pow is a good app for developing auditory processing skills, auditory recall and following directions. The app costs $19.99. First you have to add the name of your child and in settings, you can adjust how frequently you want to reinforce ( here its coins in a piggy bank).

There are 3 levels – Word level, Phrase level and Function level. The word level again has 3 sub levels, where the child listens to one to three words and then chooses the right word(s) from the options available. There is automatic ‘Wait Time’ in the app. So the child has to retain the auditory information for three seconds and only then the options appear to choose the right answer.

In the phrase level, a phrase is auditorily presented and the child has to select the correct image after a Wait time. There is an option to add background noise as well as control the volume of the noise. Loved this feature in the app. We set it to half level and its pretty tough to understand the auditory instruction in that background noise.

In the sentence level, the child listens to the auditory sentence, completes the wait time and then chooses the appropriate image that depicts the sentence he/she heard.

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In Function level, a picture is presented with a ‘What do you do with this?’ audio prompt and the child has to touch the appropriate function.

The Barrier game is very good and works on auditory processing skills and memory skills. There are three scenes to choose from – beach, farm and toy shelf. The child has to listen to the auditory instructions and place the objects accordingly within the scene. Once complete, use the reveal button to see how much your picture matches the barrier picture!

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