Fun Therapy – The Three Tenses

This game comes with a laminated flipbook containing 45 picture cards of 15 situations in past, present and future tenses along with 45 matching sentence strips. Let me explain with an example. In the above picture, you can see a situation in the picture card of a girl (Maya) posting a letter. There are three picture cards for this – Maya posting a letter she wrote ( past tense), Maya writing a letter ( present tense ) and Maya sitting with a letter pad to write a letter (future tense). The corresponding sentence cards are Maya wrote a letter ( past tense), Maya is writing a letter ( present tense) and Maya will write a letter ( future tense). The child has to match the sentence card to the corresponding picture card.

You can increase levels of difficulty of playing this game to suit your child’s needs. Start with two sets of sentence cards and gradually include more, till he/she is able to match the picture cards to appropriate sentence, all 45 of them laid out at once. This last level is pretty challenging. They help improve understanding of tenses, vocabulary, comprehension, visual skills, eye hand coordination, fine motor skills ( to pick up the cards from the table) and thinking skills. The game costs INR 300/-

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