Hands-On Learning – Feed The Ball

       Hands-On learning is a new series of posts for parents/therapists/caregivers who want to try new activities on a regular basis with our kids without burning a hole in the pocket. But finding budget friendly activity suggestions is not easy. Let’s tackle the problem together, one activity at a time! I promise to share activities which can be done with items easily available to us, no worries, just pure therapeutic fun!

              Today, let’s try the activity – Feed the Ball, which helps develop hand strength, fine motor skills, motor skills and pretend play.


               Take a tennis ball and cut a mouth on it. You can add eyes too. Now the child has to squeeze the ball with one hand (non dominant ) and feed the ball with his/her dominant hand. You can feed the ball beans, rajma, chana, small objects like balls, erasers, etc, anything and everything. If tennis ball is too hard for your kiddo, try smiley ball to start the activity.

           For pretend play, give the ball a name ( My son suggested Mr.Ball, very imaginative, isn’t it?) and feed Mr/Ms Ball whenever he is hungry.

          To make the activity more challenging, you can ask the child to feed the ball using tongs, clothespins, etc.

            Have fun doing this activity with your kiddo and don’t forget to share the feedback!