Hands-on Learning : Spelling with Clothes clips/clothespins


Learning to spell with clothes clips/clothespins is our second hands-on learning activity. You can use flash cards you have at home or make word strip by sticking a picture and spelling it out on a strip of paper as seen above. Clothes clips/pins are easily available and if you are looking for wooden ones, here’s the link :

Once your clothes clips are ready, get a permanent marker and write one alphabet on each of them , you will need more clothes clips for frequently used alphabets like A, C, E, S, etc.

Create a Clothespin Alphabet Activity

That’s it, now you are ready to improve your kids spelling skills while also working on eye hand coordination, visual skills (as he/she has to scan for the correct alphabet clothes clip) and fine motor skills. Simple and pocket friendly. Do try it with your kiddo.

Clothespin Spelling activity by teachersak

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