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Speech and Language kids is a really good website for parents who have kids with delayed speech as well as for therapists who are looking for new ideas for speech therapy. Carrie Clark is a certified Speech language pathologist and has shared many useful tips and amazing resources for free on her website.

You can browse the website by topics like AAC, Autism, daily routines, expressive language delay, functional communication, receptive language delay, grammar, late talkers, social skills, etc. For example, lets consider the topic Functional communication, Carry helps us develop this very essential skill for our kids by explaining in detail the steps. Step 1 is find an appropriate means of communication – gestures and body language, sign language, PECS, communication board and voice output device. The next two steps are choosing new words to teach and model the new words. Step four is provide temptations to say the word and be patient! She also talks about video modeling for non verbal children. Throughout the article, she shared links to related articles and resources.

Another way to search for information is to browse by age – 6 month to 8 year old speech and language skills. I really loved the free speech therapy materials she has provided. The free collection includes file folder games for He she game, Where questions game, funny faces grammar games, sequencing board with following directions card set, opposite game, vocabulary game, adjectives game, spatial concepts game and many more flashcards.

Preschool Flash Cards and Question Cards                     adjective games: tell me about itOpposite Game: Match the Opposites          Sequencing Board with Following Directions Card Set

Carrie Clark has also authored a few books. If you are a parent looking for ways to jump start speech and communication in your late talker child, consider Carrie’s book

Jump Start Late Talkers

This ebook gives a 8 week program to help develop speech and communication skills in your kiddo at home. The techniques explained in this book include self talk and parallel talk, expansions, sign language, focus stimulation and many more techniques which are research based and followed by SLP’s in their practice. You can get a preview and more details in this page

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