Good App – Dr.Panda’s Supermarket

               Looking for an app that helps develop critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, organization skills, visual skills, spatial skills and creativity, while having loads of fun, this app has it all. It is available on all platforms, itunes, amazon apps and google play and costs $2.99/Rs 190.

In Dr.Panda’s supermarket app, your kiddo will help six cute animals find the items they need and run a virtual supermarket by playing 10 mini games. All the tasks of a supermarket from weighing the vegetables/fruits, billing, recycling, serving the customers, mopping up the spills, organizing the food crates and many more are included in the app. Let’s take a look.

Here, the kiddo is given a items the customer is looking for an he/she has to help him find them.
This app is a huge hit in our home! To watch a demo of the app :

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