Fun Therapy – Chocolate Fix

Chocolate Fix from the stables of Think Fun is one game which not only looks good and appealing but also works on developing thinking skills, visual skills, fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and problem solving skills. The game comes with 9 pieces of chocolate/candies in three colours  and three shapes – circle, triangle and square.

This game is Sudoku type puzzle and comes with 40 challenges and 4 levels of play from beginner to expert. There is a spiral bound book with challenges as well as their solutions. Your kiddo has to examine all the clues and fill out the candies accordingly to complete the puzzle.

There are shape and colour cards too, to help in solving the puzzles from higher levels. On examining the clues, if your kiddo is not sure, then he/she can place a shape/colour card there and revisit it after filling the other slots.

Made of good quality plastic, this brain teaser game comes with a pouch to store the contents. We loved it!

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