Good App – Social Quest

Developed by Rosie Simms (SLP) of Smarty Ears, the app Social Quest, is a very good app to develop pragmatic social skills in our children. Using real life images, contextual scenarios and photos, the app helps children develop these all important skills. It teaches social language to our children as they navigate the social scenarios encountered in daily life.

The image above shows the various 16 target areas in the school, community and home that are covered in the app. With over 800 questions in these target areas, covering both receptive and expressive activities, the app is very comprehensive. In expressive activities, the kiddo responds to open ended questions and in receptive activities, the kiddo selects correct answers to a given social situation. There is an option to provide one or two correct answers to increase the level of difficulty.

A very useful app for children on the autism spectrum. The app costs $21.99. Take a look at the video to get a preview of the app:

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