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Let me start off by suggesting that you consider buying a kindle version of this book which, as of today, costs Rs 399, a LOT less than the paperback version price.

Vision therapy is often suggested as helpful for our kids on the Autism spectrum, ADHD, other learning disabilities, etc. If you are interested in learning about vision therapy, how it can help, how it works, vision therapy exercises and much more, your search ends with this book. This book is written by Ann Hoopes and Dr. Stanley A. Applebaum, an immensely experienced Vision therapist.

The book starts off with an introductory chapter – What is Vision therapy and what it can do? Vision therapy is a specialized branch of optometry profession which helps children and adults develop and improve basic visual skills and abilities. It also improves the comfort, ease and efficienct of our vision and changes how our brain processes or interprets visual information – our ‘Visual Thinking’.

The next few chapter deal separately with ADHD, Autism, Kid’s vision and learning problems, Sports and head injury, explaining in detail how these conditions manifest and how vision therapy can help. With extensive explanations and real life case analysis, it paints a clear picture of much visual problems can derail our perceptions and how vision therapy can help reduce or overcome them. Improvements can be seen not only in academics, but also in sports and many aspects of daily living.

I particularly liked the chapters Vision therapy in action, Eye exercises you can try at home and Lens therapy. These chapters give us a glimpse of what happens during vision therapy sessions and a taste of some of the vision therapy exercises to try at home!

The last chapter Do you need Help? – has a series of questions for self-evaluation test aimed at helping you determine whether your child’s (or your own) visual system is functioning efficiently.

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