Helpful Book – Typed Words Loud Voices

Very often, the voice of non speaking autistic people is lost in the chaos of doubters of facilitated communication, but this book shatters the glass ceiling and gives a fitting reply to all the people who do not believe in facilitated communication. My heart felt thanks to all the amazing people who contributed to this book. Not only, non-speaking autistic people, but also,others on the autism spectrum who can speak verbally, find a voice in this book. They talk about how difficult it is for them to speak verbally and shed light on the fact that though they are verbal, they find typing a more effective way to communicate their feeling and thoughts!

This book is a collection of essays and is edited by Amy Sequenzia and Elizabeth Grace. I have read many articles written by Amy and love her work.

Some on my favourite essays are :

Well really I am – Aaron Greenwood
A sense of wonder – knowing my hand
My name is Emma – Emma Charlotte Studer
I am the perfect candidate – Eva Sweeney
Written english is my first language – Cori Frazer
How do I explain – Kimberly Dixon
Lucy’s song – Lucy Blackman
Non Speaking not silent – Autism dog girl
Notes on not speaking – Bridget Allen
Typing to talk is healing – Philip Reyes
Solitary confinement – Roy Bedward
The song of life unfolding – Sparrow Rose Jones
I don’t want your ‘protection’ – Amy Sequenzia
Yardsticks poem by Lydia Wayman

If you are a parent or someone whose world is touched by autism, read this book, it will definitely enrich your understanding of autism.

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