ThinkFun Pathwords Game





                                        Pathwords game from the house of ThinkFun is a multiple award winning game. Its an unique game where word search and logic puzzles meet! It has a spiral bound puzzles book and eight coloured puzzle pieces. 





                                      The puzzles book comes with 40 puzzles – from beginner to expert. The puzzle pieces that you can see in the above image are wonderful! They are coloured but transparent and come in different shapes. Your kiddo has to figure out the words in the puzzle and place the puzzle pieces on the words. The words can be spelled forwards or backwards, but he/she has to find the right puzzle piece and make sure that no letters are left behind. The game we got came without the plastic case ( As shown in the video below) but has a booklet with solutions to the puzzle.  Take a look at the video preview of this game:





                           A very good game that helps develop language skills, thinking skills, visual skills and problem solving skills in your kiddo. You can purchase it on Amazon India.






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