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                        Pranav Bakhshi is a multi-faceted star on the Autism spectrum. He spends his time taking amazing photographs, modeling, playing golf and listening to music. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it? But behind this success story is the love and commitment of his parents and a loving sister! Let’s get to know this wonderful family by chatting with Anupama Bakhshi – Pranav’s mom.


Q) Would you like to share your autism Journey with our readers..

A journey with autism is an intense, almost indescribable experience, many will agree! After I lost my second child, Nikhil, to a rare,congenital heart disorder, Pranav arrived, healthy and fine but had a haemolysis soon after and we almost lost him. Blood transfusions saved him and he grew stronger and healthier, to be diagnosed, at two, with autism. There was no denial. In fact, a gratitude to God that at least one can ‘live’ with autism and here was His answer to my question, “Why was I not allowed time and efforts to save Nikhil?” Here was my chance and I would like to believe that I nurtured him with love, acceptance and sincere efforts. While I keep my eyes and ears open to the best available support , it is him I believe in fiercely and his inclinations and interests dictate what we choose to follow. He is a happy and giving soul, an absolutely amiable young man of seventeen,with varied interests. As a kid he loved skating and sketching and he grew up to develop a keen interest in golf. He always loved dancing and music and has been a good mimic. His interest in photography is self inspired and he is self taught. As he stepped into his teens, I noticed a marked inclination towards performing arts and this led to his association with ‘Velvi’. He fell in love with the ramp walk he was exposed to there.




Pranav has a busy day and l love the fact that he has clearly identified his inclinations and he does what he loves! He is all set to fulfill his desire to be on the ramp with a debut with a reputed Modelling Agency and he is looking forward to it ! He holds the magic to make the most dreary day cheerful and with his absolute love for music which he plays ALL the time, there is, in any case, so much cheer  around! A chance meeting with RJ Aniket in a mall had him beaming with joy!

Struggles and  challenges continue. I can only be thankful that although there were times I nearly succumbed to pressures and negativity around, and there were long dark periods of feeling hopeless, unsure and rudderless, I emerged stronger and more determined. My siblings have been my cheerleaders and my daughter is my biggest support . I look forward to Pranav dabbling in his hobbies, following his interests and choosing a vocation his strengths are aligned to. 

Q) Your advice to parents of children with Autism..

Each autism journey is unique and each parent finds their own way to the elusive rainbows and channels to the breakthroughs. What is important is to keep the head above water, have faith and try to be perennially optimistic. Surprises in the shape of unexpected twists and turns  are always in store. And most importantly, believe in the child. Let the child lead the way, never ever compromising on his/ her dignity and respect. We end up learning much more than we can ever teach our children!
Golden words Anupama! Let’s go ahead and meet the star of the interview, Pranav.
 Q) How old are you Pranav?

   I’m seventeen years old.





Q) Would like to share details about the Newzhook photo contest you won? A few details about your award winning photo please.


When I became official photographer of Evoluer, I went to the Sattal Adventure Camp to click pictures. Ma told me that the pictures are nice and we should send them to the NewzHook Photography competition and that we can’t send pictures of faces of people because we need their permission. We selected three pictures and we sent them. I like pictures of mountains and lakes the most. The picture of Shivam on the foxline got the award. When everyone was doing the fox line, I was standing on the track and clicking the pictures and I clicked that one also.




Q) Pranav, you mentioned that you are the official photographer of Evoluer, tell us more about that.


I like to be the official photographer of Evoluer and Shaloo announced that. I have clicked photos for the Sattal trip, for the BreatheEasy Workshop in India International Centre and Adapted Physical Education Workshop in Gwalior. I enjoyed my Gwalior trip the most. I clicked pictures of children of different schools, of college students playing sports and doing fun activities and also of Rebecca’s workshop.




Q) You also participated in a modeling contest and won, would you like to tell us more about that experience?

First there was audition and I danced in the talent round and I also answered questions. When I was selected I participated in the ‘Walk with a Difference’ fashion walk contest at Christian College Bengaluru on November 5, 2016. I love walking on the ramp walk. I feel so good when nice music is playing and I have to do the walk . I got the title ‘Mr Charming’.



Q) You are a young man of many talents Pranav, tell us about your love of music, do you like to sing? Your favourite song? Favourite singers?


Ya I love music so much and I listen to Radio One all the time in the car, with my headphones and in my Carvan Radio. Ma has allowed me to listen to music when I study. Mani Sir also allowed me to listen to music in the golf lessons. I like to sing songs and also hum songs in my mind. My favourite songs are Champagne Problems, Its my life and Me myself & I. My favourite singers are  G Eazy, Bebe Rexha, Afrojack, Selena Gomez, Andy Grammer, David Guetta, Mike Posner and Nick Jonas.


Q) What are your other hobbies Pranav?

In 2015, I played the keyboard but I don’t like to play it now. My hobbies are playing golf, playing games on my I Pad, dancing, watching movies, travelling to different places, acting, copying Mr Bean and  making dubsmashes. I love travelling in Ola Prime Play and staying in hotels but Ma says we can’t do it always. I like listening to Radio One all the time. I don’t like to go anywhere on Friday because I don’t want to be late because I have to listen to Friday Night Party Mix which comes from 10 pm till 1 am in my room. I also dance when my favorite songs are played.




Q)  How do you spend your day? What are you studying?

I study in Class XI and I like English and Hindi. I like my exercise class. After School I go for my Multi Media class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I am learning Photoshop. On Tuesday and Thursday I go for golf lessons. I do OT exercises. On Weekends I play golf and plan the day with Ma for new experiences. I watch movies and play games on the laptop. I also study. I write in my Anxiety Journal.


Q) How was the experience of Radio and Tv interviews you have done. A few details please.

I did my TV interview when I was in Bengaluru when I did the ramp walk. I was so happy that I did my Radio One interview. Niksie and Ma said that I can’t go to School because we have to go somewhere. And I was listening to Radio One in my room and RJ Vidhi and RJ Melbin opened my door and said Surprise. I went to the studio for the interview and it was so much fun. RJ Aniket took my interview again and it was so much fun again. I like the Radio One office and studio so much and I was talking about golf, click photos of mountains and lakes and favorite songs and singers.  It was so much fun listening to Radio One in Radio One studio.




Q) How was the experience of attending Velvi art festival. Did you have a good time there? A few details please.

I like Velvi art festival so much and I feel so anxious when Ma says you have to wait for the date to be announced because Velvi 2018 dates and venue are not announced yet. I loved the Velvi 2016 at Reliance Swadesi Complex in 2016 and Velvi 2017 at EEC Bengaluru in 2017. I enjoy so much. I have to stay there and it is fun and interesting and I have a good time by doing comedy, modeling, art and drama with lots of people. I like meeting so many people and my favourite is ramp walk and modelling with Devika didi. I did my modelling with Devika didi on February 13, 2016 for the first time and I want to do it more. I enjoyed doing the Mulla Nassaruddin comedy play in Bengaluru. I did modelling on July 23, 2017 .


Q) Tell us about your sister Nikita, how do you spend time with her?

I love Little Suzy the most. She says you are a superstar to me. In my flashback I troubled her and I say sorry to her for my inappropriate behavior because I realized my mistake. She says its fine and you did not do it purposely and I love you the most. I don’t want anyone to trouble her and she says she will not allow anyone to trouble me.  When she was working at Sangath in Goa I missed her a lot and I did Face Time every day and now she is going to study in Sydney and I will miss her a lot and she says we will Face Time and I can go and visit her in Sydney. She says you cannot use my phone. We listen to songs on her phone together.




Q) Would you like to share you future plans with us Pranav?

Ma says it is smart to plan and you are the boss and you have to plan what you will do when you are an adult. I have planned that I will do modelling. I will be the official photographer of Evoluer and I will play golf. I will work in multimedia office and I have future plans of watching movies and travelling to different places and listening to music.



                       Let’s chat with Nikita, Pranav’s older sister, friend and wonderful support system who always has his back!

Q)) Nikita, would you like to share a few memories of growing up with Pranav..

Growing up with Pranav has been one  roller coaster ride!  Its not always been so hunky dory to be honest, though. Like any other sibling, while growing up, I have had my moments of confusion and distress .Truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ever since he has been a child, he has been the closest to me and I have too many beautiful memories to note them down. I know that we will always have each other’s back. From dressing him up in a saree without mom knowing, to ganging up with him against her, having our ‘own’ chats and our ‘own’ plans, he demolishing my perfectly arranged doll houses and chewing away at my barbies’ legs, his troubling all my girlfriends who came over for a day spend ( they love him!) and all the sorries and regrets that  come up  in our Face Time chats, with the day, date and year  of his naughtiness committed accurately mentioned are my most cherished moments !!! The naughty little imp  has grown up to be a kind, brave and loving young man.
Q) Sounds lovely! Your suggestions for other autism siblings
 Unconditional love, patience and mindfulness. They are your siblings at the end of the day and autism is just a part of them. Don’t treat autism as a disability, its an ability in disguise and nurture them with your love and support.
                            With such a loving, supporting family, no wonder Pranav has achieved so much at such an young age. They gave him wings to fly! Fly high Pranav, reach great heights, both professionally and personally and always keep smiling. Gob Bless You!
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