Our Brains Are Like Computers book by Joel Shaul




                 Our Brains are like Computers – Exploring Social Skills and Social cause and effect with children on the Autism Spectrum is written by renowned author – Joel Shaul. If you have a kiddo or an young adult on the Autism spectrum, who loves computers, is a visual learner and is struggling with understanding social scenarios – this book is the most useful one you will ever use. 


                     This highly visual social skills book uses computer analogy and social networking basics to interpret the myriad world of social scenarios our Autistic learners. Part 1 of the book – Other People’s Thoughts are important compares people to computers and talks about how when people talk with each other they share their thoughts and memories about you similar to the way computers share files. Part 2 – What People’s Brains Think about, talks about how most people are thinking about friends, family, sports, etc. and less about video games, technology, etc. 


               Part 3 – What Computers and Brains Remember, talks in depth about how unlike computer, people’s brains tend to remember memories associated with strong feelings over long periods of times while other memories tend to fade away. Part 4 is Network of Minds and People’s thoughts about you, take a look:










                                     Part 5 and 6 are my favourites and are all about Exploring other people’s likes and dislikes and lots of games and interactive activities like – What do most people see and hear? What do most people not see and hear and The feeling finder games among others. 


                  An excellent book! You can purchase the book on Amazon India.




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