Life Skill – Is It Free or Do I Need to Pay Task Cards




Is It Free Or  Does it cost Money? Task cards developed by Autism Educators are great for teaching independent life skills to your kiddo.  Preparing your kiddo to go out independently, then teach him/her this life skill to distinguish between what is free ( like ketchup with burger) and when he needs to pay.




There are 40 task cards in this digital download, 20 cards are ‘pay for it’ response cards and the other 20 are ‘do not pay’ response cards. Once you download the digital file, print it out and laminate as needed. Your kiddo can select the correct response and you can have a discussion with him/her about the situation and incorporate some social skills to go along with the activity, like saying ‘Thank you’ after paying the money.





This digital download costs $2.50 and can be purchased Here.




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