A Full Life With Autism




                      A full life with Autism : From learning to forming relationships to achieving independence is written by Chantal Sicile-Kira and her son Jeremy Sicile-Kira. This is the third book by Chantal that I am reviewing, the other two being Helpful Book – Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum and Autism Life SKills. This book, co-authored by Jeremy, talks about the next step i.e., Adulthood. Though this book is meant for young adults throughout the Autism spectrum, if you have a non-verbal child, you will find Jeremy’s writing very helpful and informative. Through every chapter in this book, you will find Jeremy’s insights and I particularly loved Jeremy’s top ten tips at the end of every chapter. 


                   The first chapter -Transitioning our young adult, transitioning ourselves, talks about how stressful the transition into adulthood can be for you and your adult child and how important it is to ensure he/she leads a quality life. The authors talk about the importance of Creating lifelong community and personal supports in the second chapter. I found the information on Person centered planning very useful. The next chapter, Life skills for a lifespan is all about teaching essential skills like handling transitions, safety, communication, self-regulation, etc. to our adult children.





                     The chapter on Social relationships delves into the importance of friendships, shared interests and enjoyment in the life of our adult child. The fifth chapter – Love and intimacy, explores the topic that most parents shy away from and provides insights in to Jeremy’s need for an intimate relationship and all the necessary skills.


              The next chapters – Living arrangements and Support staff and Employment talk about facilities available in USA. Nonetheless, it will give us ideas of how best we can go about arranging an ideal living arrangement for our adult children, where their unique needs are met and they can lead a fulfilling life with caring supportive staff – the ultimate dream of any parent of a child with special needs!



– Jeremy Sicile-Kira, A Full Life With Autism.



                                      All in all, a very informative book that is a must read for every parent of a child with Autism, especially if they are in their teens, as it provides a road map of what parents have to teach their adult child so that they enter adulthood well prepared to tackle the challenges. You can purchase the book on Amazon India.




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