FREE Function Boards and Feature Boards




                Free Function Boards are developed by Sarah Gast of The Autism Helper. They are a wonderful way to work to classifying the items based on the function they serve. There are 10 function boards, the functions include – cuts, opens, ride, eat, wear, play, flies.  jumps/bounces, for cleaning and for cooking. Each board in turn has 10 pictures which contain that given function.





                     You will have to download the file, print it, laminate it and use velcro to complete the set up. You can find detailed instructions and videos Here.





                   The Free Feature Boards helps your kiddo classify items based on features. Developed by Sarah Gast, this free resource also has ten boards. The features included are – hot, cold, window, zipper, shell, wheel, wings, horn, tail and buttons. Each board in turn has 10 cards, each.





                 For more details and instructions on how to use these cards, visit The Autism Helper Here.


                                       Thanks Sarah Gast for the awesome free resources!!!




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