Sensory Lifestyle Handbook and 6 Sensory Bonus Items At A Special Price




                The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook – How to create meaningful and motivating Sensory enrichment for Sensory-filled days is written by Colleen Beck, an Occupational Therapist with over 15 years of experience and creator of a wonderful website – The OT Toolbox


                 The sensory lifestyle handbook covers many important aspects that are essential for a parent/caregiver/therapist to help a sensory kiddo. The book starts off with an explanation of the sensory system puzzle, then moves onto the basics of a sensory diet, how to create an effective sensory diet, tips and precautions, special interest sensory diets and themed sensory diets. The last two topics are very unique as they help you develop sensory diet activities around your child’s interests/likes. Both calming and alerting strategies can be incorporated, touching into the child’s special interest. There are numerous suggestions in this book to help you. This way it doesn’t feel like therapy but blends seamlessly into your kiddo’s lifestyle – enabling your child to lead a Sensory lifestyle!


                   Now let’s take a look at the Free Sensory bonus items. All these amazing resources are available at a special price of $16. Please remember that the offer is valid only till April 16th. You can purchase this Digital Download at :





A Year of Sensory Play- Encourage sensory play and experience sensory challenges throughout the entire year with seasonal and themed sensory play. This is the perfect tool for parents looking for activity ideas, teachers looking to add sensory play into learning experiences, or therapists who need fresh sensory treatment ideas that can be incorporated into interventions. There are 12 months of printable focus planning sheets, monthly movement activities, and sensory bin fillers to last the whole year.


Sensory Diet Activity Cards- Printable sensory diet cards can be used with any child, based on individual needs and preferences. These sensory diet cards are a valuable tool for therapists, teachers, and parents to keep on hand and use in activity planning based on an individual’s specific needs. There are 345 sensory diet cards included in this pack.


Sensory Diet Visual Schedule- This three page printable packet has sensory diet visual schedules that can be printed off, laminated, and used over and over again.


My Self-Reflection Journal- This 6 page printable journal can be printed off and copied for daily self-reflection. This journal is appropriate for children to use as a self-reflection on daily and weekly behaviors and actions. The journal allows individuals to develop appropriate tools for actions and emotions along with an adult or individually. The printable journal pages can be used by children who draw out their behaviors and tools or those who can write and describe behavior responses and actions. It can also be used alongside an adult who transcribes a child’s reflection on their actions and goals.


School Sensory Checklist-This 7 page checklist is perfect for use as a sensory screening tool for teachers and therapists who work in the school environment. Parents and teachers can fill out the checklist to identify sensory red flags in the classroom or homeschool environment.


Sensory Lifestyle Forms- This printable packet of screening tools and forms is a valuable resource in creation of sensory diets that are motivating and meet the needs of an individual with sensory needs. The packet includes: Sensory-Related Behavior Data Collection Form, Sensory-Based behavior Screening Form, Sensory Diet Strategy Guide, Sensory Diet Schedule, Sensory Diet Effectiveness Tool, Daily Sensory Diet Sheet, Themed Special Interest Checklist, Sensory Diet Cards, and Themed Special Interest Checklist.



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