Typetastic has an absolutely wonderful collection of games to develop typing skills in children.  Typing can be a difficult skill to master when your kiddo has fine motor difficulties, but this website offers games which start from building a keyboard, so that kids can easily remember the location of alphabets on keyboard to more complex skills like using more than one finger for typing. The best part it that it is absolutely free and more games are regularly added!


                   This website/app has games arranged in different categories. Let’s take a look.





            Let’s build a keyboard has three games – Keyboard builder, Frog pond Partol and cupcake bugs. these games help your kiddo become familiar with the keyboard and find the correct key accurately.





        Hop onto the keys – has two games i.e., Astro bubbles and Ducky trouble. They have increasing levels of difficulty as your kiddo masters typing the highlighted key on the keyboard.





            Keyboarding Kickstart has multiple games with increasing levels of difficulty to teach your kiddo to use more than one finger for typing. You can use a touchscreen laptop or tablet for these games. In Hop on the home row, there are three games to get  started – Balloon pop, Bubble burstin’ and Fruity keys.


            Some more games in this category are – Index fingers 1 and 2, Upper row, Lower row, Three rows, Ultimate challenge, etc.









                    Go ahead and check the wonderful games on this website/app and watch your kiddo’s typing skills develop :





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