Understanding Special Needs Financial Planning Webinar


Unlike traditional families, where parents plan for their children until marriage, and are usually relieved from their responsibilities thereafter, with a special needs child, parents need to provide never ending support. So, planning for a special needs child mainly has two objectives:

  • Long-term financial support for the child’s future; and
  • Continuity of social and emotional support

These two requirements make the demands of a special needs children family very unique.  But there are additional requirements different from traditional planning, which need to be understood first, to move ahead with the planning.

  • What are these unique requirements of a special needs family?
  • What is special needs financial planning and what it should cover?

We will discuss these aspects in our first webinar.  Post this webinar families will be able to understand the different aspect of financial planning they need to address for their child future.




This is the first webinar in the Financial Planning for special needs families webinar series, which will be live on April 11, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. To register for the webinar :



For more details regarding upcoming webinars – Financial Planning Webinar Details And Registration


Missed the live webinars? No problem. You can access the recordings of the webinars. For more information :



This introductory webinar is free. To watch:




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