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                   Clue Catcher App is a really good way to work on developing comprehension skills, understanding context clues and inference skills in our children.  Developed by a Speech language pathologist, this app helps kids develop gradually by differentiating into grade levels, ranging from 3rd grade to 10th grade.


                     The interface is pretty simple. Once you add the name and select the grade level, you can see a sentence:




                    The sentence here is – After the long journey home, she wearily collapsed into her bed.  On the left side, there are three options – Highlight words, Think Clues and Show Choices. At the top is the word, and the kiddo has to choose the correct answer that explains the word contextually. Below are the images when you choose the Highlight words and Think clues options:






                          The Show choices options, gives three options and your kiddo has to select the correct answer. A really wonderful way to work on understanding context clues.  Take a look at the video demo of the app:




                    There is a free lite version of the app that allows you to check out five words from each grade level. You can download it on itunes Here . 

            The all grades edition of the app is on sale now at $4.99. Get it Here before it goes back to its regular price of $12.99. I hope you find the app as helpful as we have!




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