Letter Mix Card Game



Letter Mix Card Game developed by Frank Educational Aids is a wonderful way to develop observation skills, matching and thinking skills along with visual skills in our children. The game comes in a small packet that includes 55 double sided cards and one paper for instructions. The cards are small, almost the size of playing cards, but are thick and sturdy.


Distribute the cards if there are two or more players, or if only there is one kiddo, give him/her atleast ten cards. Each card has a combination of letters – all capital letters printed in red, blue,green and yellow colours. Place a card in the center and ask your kiddo to search for a card from his collection that has a letter in common with the card in the center. Encourage them to search the cards on both sides to find the matching letter. Once he/she finds the correct card with matching alphabet, place that card in the center and the kiddo has to find a card that has a matching letter. The game goes on like this till all cards are complete.


The best feature of the game is that it is not monotonous – every time its a new combination of cards and your kiddo has to work hard every time! Another good feature is the price – it costs Rs 99 only. You can purchase it Here.




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