The Conversation Train by Joel Shaul



The Conversation Train by Joel Shaul teaches a visual approach to conversation for children on the Autism spectrum. The author uses the train analogy to teach our kids the various parts of a conversation, staying on track and going off track in conversations and many more with great visuals. Your kiddo will love reading this book with you!


The first part of the book, The conversation train has six chapters – Starting a conversation, Taking turns in conversation, Staying on track, Changing topics, Ending the conversation and Putting it all together. The author compares the greetings to the engine of a train, an essential part to start a conversation train. He builds on this analogy when discussing the other aspects listed above.



This is an example of a conversation that has gone off track and has derailed because of the sudden topic change unrelated to the conversation going on so far. The book has wonderful visuals!


Part two of the book is The conversation train worksheets. They will help your kiddo to practice all the aspects he has read so far in the book. Some of my favourites are:

Hello words, How are you words, Switch track words and Goodbye words

Fix the mixed-up conversation

People you know and what they like talking about

People you know and what you both like talking about

Choosing the right words with different people, etc.


This is the second book by this author that my son likes to read, I hope your kiddo loves it too! The first book is Our Brains Are Like Computers book by Joel Shaul.




You can also purchase the book on Amazon India



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