Criss Cross Game




Criss Cross Game from the house of Clever Cubes is a hands on game that challenges children to make the correct match. The game includes 6 punched boards and 5 shoe laces. The six boards are:

  1. Match the shadow
  2. Connect the right 3D shape
  3. Find the same face
  4. Search for the missing pet
  5. Fit the correct jigsaw puzzle and
  6. Which door goes where?




Your kiddo has to find the correct match and join them by laces. The game fosters development of fine motor skills, visual skills, matching skills, eye hand coordination and thinking skills. The boards are made of thick cardboard and are durable. They offer  increasing levels of difficulty from simpler ones like match the shadow and 3D shapes to more difficult ones like find the missing pet and find the same face. DO try it with your kiddo..


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