Which Item Needs To Be Restocked – Vocational Job Skill



Which Item Needs To Be Restocked is a digital resource that teaches the vocational job skill to our children. Developed by – Adulting Made Easy, this digital file is available in the form of large tasks that need to be printed as well as in the form of Digital interactive activity, where you can download the pdf and play it on the desktop/laptop.



The concept is simple, your kiddo has to look at the picture and decide which item is running low and needs to be restocked. As you can see in the above image , in the top one – tomatoes need to be restocked and in the bottom one onions need to be restocked. A large varieties of items are included in this digital resource – fruits, vegetables, shampoo, juices, eggs, sauces, chips, cereals, bakery items like bread, cookies and many, many more.



There are a total of 140 task cards – 73 picture to picture matching and 67 word to picture matching in this resource.  A great way to develop this vocational skill in your kiddo. We are using the digital interactive version of this resource. It provides immediate positive reinforcement for positive answers and a try again redirection for incorrect answers.



Digital interactive version can be purchased Here and the task card version can be purchased Here.


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