Fifth Blogiversary




Dear Friends, the fifth blogiversary of my blog/website – Parenting Autism India is today. Five years ago, on this day, I started my humble journey to reach out to other Autism parents and share with you all the resources – books, games, apps, software, websites,etc. that helped us. When my son was diagnosed, the one thing I wanted most was information – how to teach, what to teach and what to use to teach him. I genuinely hope my website has helped at least a few parents in their journey!


The most important thing that I have learned though, is that parenting a child with Autism is a journey of love, patience, hope and understanding. The various interviews you will find in this website are testimonies of that. Let me share a secret with you, the interviews are the my favourite part of the blog, not only because they offer a ray of hope but also because they remind you that you are not alone in this journey! I have never met majority of them personally, but they close to my heart!


Thanks is indeed a small word to express my feelings, but nonetheless thanks for reading my blog posts for the past five years and showing your appreciation through likes and messages and emails. Please feel free to share your opinions and suggestions and criticisms, all are welcome!


I want to sign off with this beautiful message I came across on:






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