Sort In The Box Game



Sort in the box game comes from the house of Chalk and Chuckles, a developer of quality educational games. Earlier I had reviewed two of their games – A Day In The Jungle Game and Monkey Expressions Game.


The game comes with a beautifully crafted wooden sorting box, 12 sub-category cards and 60 object tiles to sort. Some of the categories are colours, shapes like circle, square, triangle; vertical/horizontal stripes, animals on land,water, air; and objects with small/big polka dots.




You can adapt the cards to make it increasingly difficult. Begin with broader categories, like animals, shapes, etc,. Then as your kiddo progresses in classifying the cards accurately, you can make it more challenging by asking him to sort, for example, all animal cards – animals on land, air, water, etc,.


This game helps in the development of visual perceptual skills, categorization and thinking skills, logical thinking and problem solving, builds vocabulary with the added benefit of developing fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.


Do try it with your kiddo! You can purchase it on Amazon India.



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