The Green Zone Conversation Book



The green Zone Conversation Book is another wonderful book written by Joel Shaul, the author of The Conversation Train by Joel Shaul and Our Brains Are Like Computers book by Joel Shaul.


Many children and even young adults on the Autism Spectrum struggle with pragmatic speech – the art of conversation, finding common topics to discuss as well as knowing when to stop a conversation from going off track. This book will help your kiddo learn this essential skill.


Section 1 of the book is The Green Zone and deals with the definition of Green Zone as the shared zones of interest between two people in a conversation.





Other topics covered in this section are How green zone changes with each new person, The three zones of talking ( no zone, green zone and the bright green zone), Questions, compliments and comments to get into the green zone and bright green zone, getting better at talking in the right zone as well as a separate chapter for adults helping children to use this book.



The second part of the book is The Green Zone Worksheets and includes many helpful ones such as No zone/Green Zone/Bright green zone finder sheets, Finding the interests most people would like, Good questions/Compliments to put in the green/bright green zone, The green zone two-person worksheet, etc.


All in all, an amazing resource for visual learners on the Autism spectrum.



You can also purchase it from Amazon India



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