3500 : An Autistic Boy’s Ten-Year Romance With Snow White



3500 : An Autistic boy’s ten-year romance with Snow White is written by Ron Miles and narrates their life with Benjamin, their son on the Autism spectrum. It is a really inspiring and heart-warming tale of parent’s love and their willingness to take on any challenge for the sake of their children. Equally inspiring is the immense help and support they get from the staff of Disney World and others that makes their journey truly remarkable!


When Ben was diagnosed as Autistic, he was non-verbal, ate only few foods, was hyperactive and aggressive at times. Though Ron and his wife, Sarah were divorced when Ben was very young, they stay friends and take on equal responsibility of raising Ben. They take Ben on a visit to Disney world and are pleasantly surprised to see Ben happy, composed and communicating in words for the first time there. Ben falls in love with a ride – Scary adventures of snow white. His parents are so impressed by his progress, that they decide to shift from Seattle to Orlando to stay nearer to Disney World! Thus begins Ben’s ten-year romance with snow white. He goes on the ride for a total of 3500 times in ten years. Yes, you read it right, 3500 rides!


It was heart-warming to read about the special ways the staff of Disney world celebrated his 1000th ride and 2000th ride by arranging a special meet with the cast of Snow white so that Ben could spend time with his favourite. But the icing on the cake is their effort to help Ben complete 3500 rides by allotting an extra 30 mins for Ben and making sure that he was the last one to ride before the ride was taken down for good!


Another thing that touched my heart was how Ben had to suffer through immense pain as he had pancreatitis and was diagnosed very late as he was non-verbal and could not describe his symptoms. A plight every parent of a non-verbal child can relate to!


I truly admire Ben’s parents for their patience in accompanying Ben in all his rides through the years as they willing to do anything to help Ben develop social skills and life skills. A true testament of how we channel our children’s special interest ( I don’t like the word – obsessions) to achieve remarkable progress!


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