No More Meltdowns By Jed Baker



No More Meltdowns – Positive strategies for dealing with and preventing out-of-control behavior is written by Jed Baker, a famous behavioral consultant, who has helped children with social communication problems for over two decades. In this book, he helps parents and caregivers understand ways to prevent meltdowns, by condensing his years of experience into an easy to read and implement methods. As parents of special needs children will agree, meltdowns are unpredictable and often explosive. Knowing how to deal with the meltdowns is indeed a very valuable skill for parents and caregivers.


In part 1 of the book – The Problem, the author delves in depth into the meltdowns, and defines them as “escalating negative emotional reactions” and suggests a 4-step model for managing and preventing meltdowns and other behavioral outbursts:

  1. Accepting and appreciating your child
  2.  De-escalating a meltdown
  3.  Understanding why a meltdown keeps occurring and
  4.  Creating plans to prevent meltdowns.


Part 2 of the book, The Solution, talks about various ways we can help our children avoid meltdowns – building competence, avoiding power struggles, anticipating frustration as part of learning and following the 80-20 rule. This rule is really helpful as it boosts the confidence of our children as they work with 80% of activities/skills they know or have already mastered and learn 20% new skills.


The chapter – Creating a Prevention plan is very helpful and has four components –

–  Change the triggers – Sensory stimulation, timing, etc.

–  Teach skills to deal with the triggers

–  Try Reward or loss systems and

–  Consider biological and physical strategies  like dietary changes, exercise, etc.


The author uses these four components of prevention plan in the multiple examples in the scenarios where he explains the four types of meltdown situations – Demands, Waiting, Threats to self-image and Unmet wishes for attention. Each topic is explained in detail in separate chapters with many examples and a detailed prevention plan is also provided. These chapters provide a wealth of information!



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