How To Be Human: Diary Of An Autistic Girl



How To Be Human: Diary Of An Autistic Girl is written by Florida Frenz, a fifteen year old girl on the Autism Spectrum. She is an amazing artist. Allow me to introduce her in her own words:

” Due to a glitch in the time-space continuum, Florida Frenz wound up on the wrong planet. On the planet she should have been, everyone is autistic. When no work needs to get done, everyone spends their time flapping, doodling and spinning. However, Earth has become a home to Florida and she has discovered many earthlings can be fun and nice.”


This book is a compilation of her drawings and realizations as she learns the ways of the humans which range from decoding facial expressions to feelings as well as fake feelings, to how to be a good friend, how not to make enemies and fear of bullies, and many, many more.


I loved the ones  – Cool people to you, Express yourself and Human or Alien?, where she says that there are many aliens among humans, aliens who have ADHD, Autism, Epilepsy and Anxiety, and like them she is learning to adapt to life as an Earthling!


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