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Pink Cat Educational Games Website is a storehouse of wonderful review games for our children. There are many subjects covered like language, math, science, social studies and many more. In the language arts section, you can find many more topics like close reading, alphabet, grammar, inference, main idea, spelling, vocabulary, sight words and many more. Each one has many more levels. Let me elaborate with an example. Under the sight words – you can find multitude of options created by teachers, such as, Dolch and Fry sight word list listed grade-wise, as well as some options like colour words, tricky words,etc,.


Choose the sight words for the grade level of your choice and then you can select the type of game your kiddo wants to play. The image shared above is Magic word game, wherein, your kiddo has to identify the first letter of the picture, drag and drop the letters to form the sight words. This is one of my son’s favourite games. Other options include:



Memory Match



Mystery Picture – great game that helps develop visual skills as your kiddo has to scan the words and click accordingly to reveal a mystery picture. My son loves this!



Quiz wheel game



Spelling sounds Game


Word – picture match game



Word sort by sounds


These are just some of the games available under sight words. You can even create your own games! We got the one year subscription for $39.99 and have played them almost everyday and found them a fun and engaging way to review educational topics as well as work on developing thinking skills, visual skills, problem solving skills and mouse skills. There are many other options to purchase them game-wise too. You can find more information HERE




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