The Sensory Child Gets Organized



The sensory child gets organized is an award winning book written by Carolyn Dalgliesh that empowers parents to make the lives of their sensory kids more organized and more successful at home, school and at social gatherings. The author is a professional organizer and also a parent of a sensory child. In this book, she delves into organizational skills that will enable your sensory kiddo to thrive and flourish.


In Part 1 of the book – Understanding your sensory child, Carolyn talks about how sensory kids have similar challenges like – attention problems, rigidity, anxiety, social and emotional challenges, low frustration tolerance, executive function challenges, irrespective of their diagnosis. A check list to find out your kiddo’s learning style is included, as well as The SSK sensory organizing worksheet, that helps you understand many important aspects such as the major challenges your child faces, his strengths, what helps her calm down, sensory triggers that overwhelm him, as well as the top three challenges faced on a daily basis – so that you can help your kiddo overcome/handle them better. Throughout the book, the author stresses the importance of using the The Golden Tool to help our sensory children :

1) How can I break this down into a more manageable task for my child?

2) How can I eliminate some of the stimuli (external and/or internal) that may be distracting?

3) What visual aid can I create to support the task at hand?


Part 2 – Helping your sensory child at home and Part 3 – Helping your sensory child in the world are a treasure chest of wonderful suggestions that cover many important topics like the fundamentals of sensory spaces, sensory organizing and storage systems for the bedroom and the playroom, making troubled times easy, attending social gatherings, travelling with your sensory kiddo and many many more…


The resources at the end of the book are helpful. Our sensory kids face many challenges throughout day and if the suggestions in this book help your kiddo even a little, I think its worth it. You can buy it from Amazon India



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