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Respectfully Connected : Journeys in Parenting, Autism and Neurodiversity is a free ebook that is a compilation of some amazing essays featured on the Respectfully Connected Website. I have been an ardent follower of this website for a while now and find their blog posts uplifting, enriching and inspiring. I was very happy to find that the book that features some of my favourites is available for free and wanted to share it with you all. The book features many essays on topics ranging from identification, humanity, diversity, support, advocacy, freedom and family. The essays are written by Autistic parents/individuals, neurotypical parents with Autistic children and advocates. This book is not for those who are looking for therapies and activities for their children, but for those who are ready to take the next step and move into acceptance and cherishing their children for what they are, rather than focusing on their deficits.


This is my favourite blog post – I see you … I invite you to see me, written by Briannon Lee and depicts the tone of the book. When I first read this, I was amazed to see how well she has written about feelings that are very close to mine!



I See You…I Invite You To See Me – Briannon Lee
I see you,
Sitting in the car outside the paediatrician’s office. In shock.
Your child has been diagnosed with autism, by a health professional using a list of
deficits in a manual of Mental Disorders. You have a long report about your child’s
problems. All the ways they’re different to other children. All the things you need to
fix. All the therapy they need to do.
I see you,
Reading late at night.
You’ll read books by Autism experts. You’ll google Autism. You might look for new
treatments and read research papers. You will read blogs by “Autism parents.”
I see you,
Crying with your partner/mum/best friend.
You think your child will never be happy. You will never be happy. The news is full
of parents talking about their struggles and all the hard things about “Children with
ASD.” You’re part of the “Autism epidemic” now.
I see you,
Watching your child play.
You’re noticing now all the ways they’re different from other children. You’re
thinking about all the things they’ll never do. Their future. You’re worried. You’re
working out how to fix them. You want only the best for them.
I see you because I have been you. Your story is my story.
But there is more than one autism story.
I invite you to see me,
Reading late at night.
Books written by Autistic adults. Words from Autistic people on blogs, Facebook
pages, Twitter. They say we are not broken. We are happy. We are neurodivergent &
disabled. We have rights. We have identity, community and culture. Words by
parents who see their child with the same eyes that looked upon them with wonder
the day they were born – as a unique person with value and worth, uniquely
unfolding and developing. Words by other parents who are happy. Families whose
lives are good. As ours is.
I invite you to see me,
Crying with my partner/mum/best friend.
Because I am fighting so hard for my children to be accepted, accommodated and
supported. Because I am tired of reading about my children as burdens and problems
to be fixed. Because people want to change them. Make them fit in and comply in
ways they can’t, wont, don’t. Crying for Autistic children who experience abuse,
isolation, seclusion, restraint, coercion – by those who should protect them.
I invite you to see me,
Watching my children play.
They are happy. They have freedom to move, as they want. They play in their own
unique way. They love being outdoors and being immersed in the elements. They
watch endless episodes of their favourite TV shows. Collect precious things and line
them up. They make mess and make noise. They approach everything with
They invite me to join them in their own ways. And I do. We are happy.
Our happiness won’t make the news.
Our autism story lacks tragedy, drama, or loss. We are not newsworthy.
But we are here, and many families like ours too.
Our children are loved and accepted. They do not have to change to fit the world; we
are changing the world for them.
You can be part of that change. There is more than one autism story.
Create your own.



You download a free copy of this ebook HERE.




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